Underground Food Collective founder praises Vollrath’s kitchen solutions for efficiency


Chef Jonny Hunter, co-owner and founder of Underground Food Collective in Madison, Wisconsn, is taking a centralized approach to prepping using equipment from Vollrath.

Foodservice equipment manufacturer, Vollrath, has been providing commercial kitchen equipment to Underground Food Collective which supports its plethora of off shoot brands’ catering needs.

With a central commissary, Hunter and his team help out Underground Meats, Underground Catering, Forequarter Restaurant, and Underground Butcher.

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The place involves managers bringing fresh produce from farmers markets and staff working side by side prepping food.

Hunter said: “The commissary has become the centralized hub for how we function as a business.

“It allows us to streamline and utilize talent in a really creative way but also gives us a way to keep quality centralized and oversee it much more efficiently than having to run around to all the different businesses.”

The company said its a “necessary approach” not just for 35-seat Forequarter Restaurant but also for Underground Catering, which has the challenge of executing meals everywhere from wedding halls to farm fields and parks.

Hunter added: “We can’t be as technical as we can at the restaurant, but we can focus on flavor and put out really delicious food. And super seasonal. That’s something that we’ve always really cared about.”

One kitchen challenge Hunter found was that when cooking meats to guest’s preferred temperature it took constant focus.

To solve this he brought in Vollrath’s Sous Vide Immersion Circulator which allows users to cook meats to precision, ensuring a tender and juicy result, and then easily sear on the stovetop for the finishing touch.

In order to get a consistent when working time time contraints is a difficult task, so the Instacut was a suitable purchase of Hunter as it slices and dices produce three times faster than by hand.

The founder also struggles with the increasing demand for handmade products, to help with this Hunter brough in the Vollrath Grinder which can break down ingredients at speed.

In order to save money and food waste, Hunter has also been using Vollrath’s In-Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine. This product has been designed to extend the shelf life of foods and also prepare foods for a sous vide machine.

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