The multi-billion dollar American foodservice industry is constantly affected by food fashion trends, economic climate, government interference, creative genius and business buffoonery. There is no other industry that witnesses so many outlet launches and closures in a typical year, or so much diversity from coffee shops to haute cuisine; and from school dinners to Sichuan duck.

Throughout decades of growth, contraction, swerves and surges, the bedrock of the catering community has remained the equipment suppliers, prime importers, dealers, designers, specifiers and trade associations that collectively create the kitchens and counters that serve the nation.

Catering Insight is the daily-updated web site for this vital and vibrant community of catering professionals.

The importance of this body of supply chain executives cannot be overstated because their influence on what is ultimately installed in commercial kitchens is second to none. The majority of kitchen professionals make equipment purchasing decisions based on the advice of dealers, designers and specifiers. The brands recommended by these professionals are typically those that are purchased.

Catering Insight will report on the latest technological innovation and trends in catering equipment, and investigate the commercial opportunities this equipment presents to dealers, designers and specifiers.

We will track catering equipment innovation from its design conception, right through to its installation and how it is used to improve commercial kitchens. These case studies will show how the combination of the right equipment and the right expertise can transform restaurant businesses.

Catering Insight provides a unique opportunity for equipment manufacturers and prime importers to directly speak to the dealers, designers and specifiers who select the equipment that goes into most commercial kitchens. As such, it is the most cost-effective and efficient marketing vehicle to influence what is sold into over 30,000 outlets every year

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