What will commercial kitchens look like in 2030?

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Smaller restaurants could incorporate more automated kitchen equipment in future as the typical kitchen layout changes.

That’s one of the conclusions of a new report by the National Restaurant Association, in partnership with American Express and Nestlé Professional, which assesses what the restaurant industry might look like in 2030.

It suggests that the restaurant of the future will be smaller in size, with artificial intelligence taking on a significant role in terms of cooking techniques, food chemistry, recipes and alcohol to produce unexpected new culinary and beverage experiences.

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Meanwhile, cloud kitchens are tipped to grow, fueled by the expansion of centralized kitchens and the growth of online, delivery-only brands.

A greater proportion of meals will no longer be cooked at home, lending to the continued rise in delivery, virtual restaurants, subscription services, and grab-and-go at retail locations.

The report predicts that consumers may grow increasingly loyal to third-party delivery apps, impacting loyalty to individual restaurants.

But it also warns that governments are likely to impose further regulation on third-party delivery.

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