VIDEO: Quick-freeze ice cream machine serves up a treat for operators


Sigma Phase, the creator of ColdSnap quick-freeze ice cream technology, has now released ColdSnap for Business.

The original ColdSnap offering is a rapid-freezing device for home and commercial settings.

Along with ice cream, it can make frozen yoghurt, smoothies, frozen cocktails, frozen coffee and more in about 90 seconds.

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The new ColdSnap for Business lets stores and businesses offer customers and employees frozen confections in individualized servings, on the spot and free of messy preparation and cleanup.

The appliance does not require plumbing or complex installation and is designed for use in airports, stores, hotels, cafeterias and other businesses.

Sigma claims the ice crystals used in ColdSnap are 40% smaller than those used by other products, creating the smoothest ice cream possible.

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