UK-based microwave firm announces worldwide patent for cavity liner


UK firm Regale Microwaves has penned an open letter to verify that its new Microsave cavity liner design now has a worldwide patent.

Following negotiations with Panasonic USA over several months, a contract has been signed between the companies for the exclusivity of the CPS2A.

This is after over 100 samples were sent out to its top contract customers, which were well received and resulted in an order of 1,000 being shipped out this month.

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Due to the current costs of exporting to the USA, the directors of Regale have invested in a brand new tool made to USA specification.

They have also appointed a top class injection moulding company in Chicago to manufacture the CPS2A to also cover Mexico and Canada which is estimated to reduce carriage costs in the region of £3.00 ($3.74) per unit.

The company, Marathon Mouldings sent over a representative to the UK factory to learn the system used in manufacture of the Liners.

The letter also outlines that a brand new multilingual website, which is previewable here, will go live later this month.

The letter, written by Patrick Bray, the firm’s managing director, is available in full below:

“When designing the new range of Microsave Cavity Liners (CPS1A Sharp – CPS2A Panasonic – CPS3A Panasonic –  CPS4A Samsung – CPS5A not yet designated – CPS6A Daewoo) we had to invent a completely new unique way of injection moulding for forming the microwave oven liners.

“We are pleased to inform you that this method has been recognised by the Patent Office who have issued a Patent on the design and has now been submitted for worldwide cover (please see attached) This is in addition to our current patents in the USA and various design patents worldwide.

“We are also pleased to announce that we have appointed and trained an injection moulding company, Marathon Mouldings in Chicago, USA,  in the production of Microsave® Cavity liners who will be undertaking production in the future on our behalf to cover the USA, Canada and Mexico (currently for Panasonic USA).  The UK will still cover UK, Europe, Australasia and intermediate countries. Also please not that Marathon Mouldings are NSF compliant for production of our Microsave® Cavity liners. (which is covered by Regale’s current UK£5M insurance policy).

We would greatly appreciate your support in monitoring any ‘look-a-like’ versions of our patented Microsave Liners and/or use of our registered trademarks which may appear in your country.”

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