Sveba Dahlen ups the ante with High Temp pizza oven

Sveba Dahlen P601

Oven and baking equipment manufacturer Sveba Dahlen has announced the release of its new High Temp Pizza Oven.

The oven, made of traditional Italian pizza stone manufactured in Italy, is intended for the baking of Neapolitan pizzas, as well as other high-temperature breads like pitas, flatbreads and lavash.

Unlike other pizzas, the Neapolitan variety are traditionally baked at high temperatures for between 60-120 seconds.

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Sveba advertises the energy efficient and environmentally friendly electric oven as working ‘without firewood, flames and flue gases’.

Its 500°C maximum temperature can cook a pizza in as little as two minutes, and the company promises the oven will reach this temperature from cold in half an hour with fast and even heat distribution.

Riccardo Birghillotti, reigning Swedish pizza-baking champion and a chef whose restaurant tested the High Temp Pizza Oven for Sveba, commented: “Baking pizzas in the Pizza High Temp is fantastic. The pizza is evenly baked, and it is as quick as you like – no more than 120 seconds.

“It is a reliable oven that gives great-tasting results – I’m really impressed, and would otherwise use a wood-fired oven to achieve an authentic Neapolitan pizza.

“Using the Pizza High Temp, I don’t think a single guest would notice any difference, although it has made a positive difference to our working environment.”

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