Slow kitchens leave hungry Americans feeling frustrated


Although enjoying a meal out remains a popular American past-time, customers are often left annoyed by lengthy waiting times for food.    

That is according to Fourth’s first “Truth about Dining Out” survey, which was carried out by OnePoll and quizzed participants across the US about their experiences eating out.

The time waiting on an order was listed as the most common complaint amongst both diners at restaurants, with 35% of those surveyed listing long waiting times as a concern, and for those using home delivery services, where 20% of participants complained.

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This means that this was more likely to be an issue for those eating at restaurants than the quality of the food itself – only 31% of diners claimed that they were left dissatisfied by the food they were served.

Amongst other common concerns noted by participants were “the price of the meal and getting an order wrong” (34 percent), “rude restaurant service” (30 percent) and “restaurant cleanliness” (25 percent).

Despite this room for improvement, the survey also indicated a healthy eating out sector which continues to thrive in the US.

Of those that eat out, as many as 56% do so 2-3 times a week, whilst some Americans (6% of those surveyed) even reported that they eat out every day.

Meanwhile the survey also shows that use of third-party delivery services continues to rise. Half of respondents claimed convenience was the reason they are likely to use these services, with apps such as UberEats (31% of respondents), DoorDash (27 %) and GrubHub (24%) emerging as the most popular providers.

Fourth, a company which provides complete, end-to-end restaurant and hospitality management solutions, aims to carry out the survey on a regular basis.

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