Randell solves one of the most costly problems for pizza operators

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Pizza restaurants have a new opportunity to help address the costly problem of cheese waste thanks to the latest product launch from Unified Brands.

The company has rolled out the Randell Cheeser Station, which is designed to help pizza restaurants minimize cheese waste and create a more consistent product.

The Cheeser Station features a refrigerated holding bin that accommodates 25 pounds of cheese with a stainless-steel grate to hold the pizza during preparation.

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The pizza is set on the grate and the preparer reaches into the holding bin to grab the cheese.

Any pieces that don’t land on the pizza fall back in the holding bin – not on the floor or prep table. This allows for 100% cheese utilization, which adds up significantly over time because cheese is often a pizza’s most expensive ingredient.

“It may not feel like much when it’s only a few shreds of cheese per pizza, but that waste really adds up over time and can drain profits,” said Randell product manager Dave Rademacher.

“With the Cheeser Station, pizza operations can have full utilization of cheese and get more bang for their buck on cheese costs.”

There is also a scale option for pizza makers to quantitatively measure their desired amount of cheese for each pizza – creating the most consistent product possible while controlling costs by ensuring cheese isn’t overused.

With the combination of eliminating cheese waste and controlling cheese use at the desired level, operators can see payback in as little as six months.

“Particularly with pizza restaurants that have multiple locations, consistency and creating a simple, effective prep process for employees makes all the difference in the world,” said Brent Barkley, Unified Brands’ senior director of strategic brand management (Randell & Avtec). “The Cheeser Station helps you create a better, more consistent product to help build customer loyalty.”

The Cheeser Station is 24 inches wide, 33 inches deep and 35 inches tall, running on an energy-efficient R290 compressor system with visible external electronic controls for quick verification of proper settings.

The holding bin uses cold-wall conductive cooling to keep the product at a safe temperature. A completely sealed inside with a clean-out port makes it easy to clean and sanitize the pan opening.

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