OilChef device claims to cut fryer oil purchases by half


OilChef has designed a device it claims will halve fryer oil purchases for commercial kitchen users.

The technology is a small device, which comes in 16 different models, and is fitted inside an open pot or pressure fryer as a means of trying to improve fried food quality.

OilChef also says texture, taste profile, color profile and shelf life will also benefit.

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The firm describes that reducing fryer oil purchased by 50% will in turn lead to an increase in profits.

Exhibiting at this weekend’s NRA Show, the firm is offering a free ‘test kit’ for each new client on their first delivery.

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Alex Douglas

The author Alex Douglas


  1. Very frustrated with these type of “Devices”, having been in the industry of extending oil life and quality for nearly 20 years I have seen and tried a number of them,. None worked.

    The benefit claims on the OilChef web site and advertising material are fantastical to say the least.

    I am afraid not much more than good management and physical filtration will improve your oil quality and life, I would go so far as to say equipment and sales claims are dubious at least, relying on perceived rather than actual tangible benefit.

  2. Dear C Baxter, we do not know whether you are in fact a competitor or not, your email would suggest a strong bias. Anyone reading your comments may end up with strong doubts as to our claims and as you have not had the first-hand experience of using our product, it is unfounded of you to refer to our product claims as fantastical. However, we do agree that good oil management and filtration are an important part of maximizing oil life, but this is basic care. Most professional deep fryer owners know this already.

    OiLChef claims are real and are backed up with countless clients references. Our product slows down the oxidation of the oil and retards the onset of polymerization, FFA’s, Peroxides, TPM and carcinogenic acrylamides in frying oil. This is backed up by scientific analysis and reports and our technology is the only technology of its kind in North America to be approved by the FDA.

    If anyone reading this would like to see client references or request further information, please do not hesitate to email your request to:

  3. It is clear that you have not yet used OiLChef! We invite you to evaluate our product and leave a qualified review. We know there are many products out there with great claims and yet we pioneered this solution . Our clients validate our claims and is backed by science.

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