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Monday 21 September 2020   

Restaurant closures top 100,000 with thousands more to come, warns NRA
In the March-July window alone, the industry lost out on around $165 billion, while August sales were still down 34% on last year
No evidence of Covid spread in restaurants, says Texas Restaurant Association in rebuttal to CDC
The Texas Restaurant Association said it is "essential" that the public is given "complete and accurate information about the spread of COVID-19"
Dover unveils new longer-lasting compactor from Marathon
The "state-of-the-art raised cylinder, self-contained compactor" is designed to be easy to use and to save businesses maintenance costs in the long term
Mac’s Hospitality Group adds new culinary director to oversee five brands
The Mac's family of brands, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, includes Mac's Speed Shop, SouthBound, BackStage Lounge, The Music Yard and The Studio
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