New system to help foodservice operators is “like a digital sous chef”


A new digital platform that has been compared to “a digital sous chef” has been launched to help foodservice operators.  

SousZen informs decision making across the entire operation by connecting food preparation, inventory management and trends to create actionable insight.

It takes the form of a fully integrated platform that digitizes every aspect of food prep to help restaurant operators ensure quality, reduce costs and make informed business decisions.

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It is led by accomplished technologist and restaurateur Stephen King, and advised by world-renowned chef, Mark Miller. 

King said: “The front-of-house focus has been on counting beans, not making them!

“No one is focusing on Back of House, which is the central nervous system of the restaurant business and the heart of the dining experience. We are.”

“Back of House data is largely untapped, overlooked in favor of Front-of-House systems on Point-of-Service, Ordering, Delivery, Reservations, and more.

“That’s all important but BOH has been begging for innovation. By digitizing and connecting kitchens across a network, we’ll create insights that will identify new flavors and ingredients to make amazing food that’s healthier, safer, cheaper, local, consistent and better for the planet.”

Strategic innovation partner, Xinova designed the SousZen venture, while King was recruited through the Xinova Innovator Network to lead the operation

David Kraft, global head of innovation services at Xinova, said: “The key will be the growth of the network of restaurants and foodservice outlets that join.

“We’ll know what people are eating and what modifications are being made and so get access to an amazing store of data that will be anonymous but hugely valuable across regions, enabling powerful new insights that globalize and anticipate local trends.

“Ultimately, everyone wins. Diners will have local access to tastier options on dynamic menus that keep up with shifting food trends. Restaurants streamline their kitchen operations and reduce labor costs to improve their bottom line. The platform is a rising tide that lifts all kitchens.”

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