MARKET VIEW: ‘Hold the cold’ with refrigeration that can go the distance

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Adande’s global sales director Karl Hodgson reveals how ‘hold the cold’ technology delivers stable temperatures to ensure food retains flavor and form

Good quality kitchen equipment is worth its weight in gold. Reliability counts.

This is what the most experienced of chefs have told us over the years. Like any work tool, you need to rely on it to do the job, after all, it is there to support you.

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Adande supports chefs every single day. Our units can be used in every kitchen section, so operators have what they need, right where they need it. Prep, pass, pastry, any section at all.

Convenience is key, this is why our VCC compact drawer can be used right next to the fry station, for instance, or our fridges used under a hot grill. We provide useful refrigeration that is there to help and be relied upon.

Unlike any other fridge or freezer, Adande units ‘hold-the-cold’.

They deliver stable temperatures, and stable humidity regardless of multiple openings in a busy environment. This means that food retains its flavor and form and will be kept in optimum condition for longer.

When food matters, refrigeration matters too. When operators are tempted by what looks like cheap equipment, it very often it ends up costing more in the day-to-day to run it.

Quality refrigeration like Adande has low ongoing cost – our units are all low energy users, and all low maintenance too.

Buying quality refrigeration will never be a mistake. Fridges are not just fridges, buying quality equipment you can rely on gives back to you every day, as recognised by the leaders in their field.

Adande’s cool top tips

• Think about how you use your kitchen, is space an issue? How do you cope in busy periods?
• Ask other professionals in your field what their experience has been, what do they use?
• Ensure the equipment you buy is industry approved by recognised bodies
• Ensure you buy from a reputable company or dealer
• Ensure whatever you buy comes with a warranty
• If something goes wrong, ensure you know who to call
• Ask if the manufacturer has a service department
• Be sure to ask about special offers
• Ensure the fridge you buy has the appropriate certification and energy label.

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