IN FOCUS: The Antunes Jet Steamer JS-1000


The Jet Steamer by Antunes has been named as one of the The National Restaurant Association’s top 25 Kitchen Innovations for 2019.

Winning recipients will have addressed operator concerns covering labor, inventory management, cleanliness, energy and water efficiency, food safety, sanitation, cross-functionality and space-saving measures.

The model injects high-velocity steam into controlled bursts in a closed pitcher for complete penetration throughout the food within the pitcher, allowing for significantly faster cook times.

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The steam also mixes ingredients, saving operators time when preparing items such as soups, eggs, and chili.

The company said: “Antunes has helped foodservice operations of all sizes expand and improve upon their menus with the power of steam.

“With just plain tap water, our steamers cook food consistently and thoroughly while maintaining the original colors, flavors, and nutrition.”

Antunes designed the steamers to cook food quickly and easily which eliminates the need for time-consuming methods that require constant attention.

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