‘Goldilocks’ solution for mid-sized facilities battling new food waste challenges


Food waste provider Leanpath has launched a food waste tracking platform that is custom-designed to fit in small spaces and achieve fast ROI even with lower food budgets.

The company has focused up to now on meeting the needs of large foodservice operations with its Leanpath 360 line of robust tracking tools, while small operations have used its tablet-based tracking tools.

But it says mid-size facilities didn’t have a “Goldilocks” solution to fit their particular needs, prompting it to create Leanpath Scout.

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As production levels drop due to Covid-19, the need for a smaller, more cost-efficient solution has become paramount, says CEO Andrew Shakman.

“With Leanpath Scout, we are making automated food waste prevention technology attainable to even more of the foodservice industry. Covid-19 has made it more important than ever for kitchens to control food waste to keep costs in line.

“With our suite of food waste tracking tools – now including Leanpath Scout – any kitchen of any size can take control of its food waste.”

Leanpath says that its data shows low-volume operations actually generate higher rates of food waste.

As the foodservice industry slowly reopens from Covid-19 shutdowns, lower volumes are expected for some time.

Its Leanpath Scout system is a small-footprint food waste tracker with a connected scale, perfect for lower volume foodservice environments that still need the speed and ease of a fully integrated solution.

While the 360 Bench and Floor scales are designed for the heavy volume generated in central and main kitchens, Leanpath Scout is ideal for satellite kitchens, including catering, and retail cafe kitchens, it said.

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