Filta’s sustainability initiative gives Amazon boxes a second life

Troy Edwards, warehouse and technical supervisor, Filta Group

Filta Group has demonstrated how a bit of lateral thinking can have a huge impact on sustainability after coming up with a way to give Amazon boxes a second life.  

In the US, every year more than 80 billion corrugated boxes are used and the average household throws away more than 9,000 pieces of cardboard.

As part of its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) commitments, Filta set a goal to do its part and reduce this type of cardboard waste and get employees on board as well.

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During the 2021 holiday season, Filta’s headquarters in Orlando launched an initiative to recycle shipping boxes and formalized a program to encourage employees to bring in their Amazon (or other shipping) boxes from home so Filta could reuse them in outgoing shipments to franchisees.

CEO Jason Sayers said: “Since starting 25 years ago, the focus of the business has been to help our customers operate more sustainably. We have since expanded our environmental services capabilities and these latest statistics have measured in detail the significant reductions in waste and emissions linked to us and our customers.

“Whilst good progress is being made, there is still much to be done to help our customers reduce their impact further and achieve Filta’s goal of being net zero carbon by 2035.”

Troy Edwards, Filta Group’s warehouse and technical supervisor (main image), came up with the idea to not only re-use cardboard shipping boxes from its distribution center, but ask all employees to bring in their own boxes from home.

The holiday season only amplified the ongoing pandemic trend of online ordering, and shipping has surged. In the first week of the program, 33% of all outgoing shipments were made in reused boxes.

Filta said that recycling just one ton of cardboard can save more than nine cubic yards of landfill space.

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