EXCLUSIVE: Unox relishes challenge of normalizing data-driven cooking

Mark Klindera, Unox

Unox North America believes it is only a matter of time before the industry truly gets on board with the merits of ‘data-driven’ cooking.

The manufacturer, which now has a 20-strong team in the US – half of which are in sales roles – has been pressing the flesh with customers at the NRA Show this week and Mark Klindera, president of the US and Canada region, says it’s been the ideal opportunity to bring data-driven cooking to the fore.

“It is very innovative, it is unique to the industry, it allows the operator to extract information from the oven in real time from a remote device,” he told Catering Insight USA.

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“They can also send updates to the ovens, in terms of recipes and firmware updates. They can also access their oven to do some troubleshooting and technical support, which saves on service calls and really helps us to get things done easily for the customer.”

Asked if customers in North America were buying into this web-based way of utilising an oven, Klindera replied: “It is very new – we have seen where a couple of competitors have tried to do something similar and were not able to satisfy some very high profile customers here in the US in particular and those customers are now coming to us, so it has really been a cool thing for us. We are going to continue to innovate on our ChefTop ovens here in the US because it is a very solid platform for us to continue to innovate and bring new ideas.”

Unox has had feet on the ground in the US for around seven years, but has stepped up its focus inside the last two years following the opening of its current facility in Charlotte.

“The investment is huge,” said Klindera. “We have over 60,000 square foot of warehouse, test kitchen facilities in Charlotte and it is very state-of-the-art. It is modelled and designed similar to our headquarters in Padua, Italy.”

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