Cambro shares five tips for doing sous vide right

cambro sous vide

Cambro has taken to its blog to share five tips for doing sous vide right.

The manufacturer said that the technique has become popular in commercial kitchens and that there are endless possibilities that come along with it.

These were the tips Cambro shared:

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1.    Use a plastic container

Cambro says that since plastic is a much better insulator than metal, it will keep the heat inside your container much more efficiently.

It also says that its own containers are durable and clear—meaning you can easily see your food as it cooks without having to take it out of the water.

2.    Cover your container

Cambro adds that in addition to using the correct container, a very important part of sous vide is ensuring it is covered up.

When the container isn’t covered, heat can escape through the top and water begins to evaporate, and if enough water evaporates, your immersion circulator could turn itself off. 

3.    Best and worst foods to cook

According to David Pietranczyk, product and marketing specialist with PolyScience Culinary, foods with a lot of connective tissue that normally need to be cooked a little longer provide the best results with sous-vide.

Meanwhile Cambro suggests avoiding lean fish, which requires a very delicate process according to Pietranczyk.

4.    Vacuum seal your food

Cambro says that plastic bags should be avoided, as even if you think you’re getting all the air out of your plastic bag, there will still be some in there.

It says: “If you are committed to the sous vide lifestyle, invest in a vacuum sealer. This extra step creates a second skin around your product to keep it safe and evenly cooked.”

5.    Sear your food before and after

Pietranczyk said that he strongly suggests pre-searing food because it pasteurizes the surface of bacteria, causes flavors and aromas to begin developing, and improves the overall texture and shape of the end product.

Pietranczyk’s best advice for pre-searing is to sear your meat at 400°F in a pan for four minutes total, turning the meat every 30 seconds. After the sous vide process is complete, put the meat on a grill for one to two minutes to re-crisp it and voila! You have the perfect result. If you are seeing that your meat is becoming too charred afterward, decrease its time on the grill.

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